Very happy that Lynda is in Bellhaven getting the attention, help & care that she needs.  Lynda’s decision making is horrendous.  When she was home the aides we had could not take care of all the needs that she had.  She was becoming a danger to herself, me & the aides.  It was no longer possible to safely take care of her at home.  The second you would take your eyes off of her she would do something she was not and could not do.  The last fall she had at home was so bad she went right through a wall. Both myself and the aide were hurt trying to get her up.  I am so at ease and happy with the staff at Bellhaven. Lynda is finally safe from herself.

– Jimmy

Not only does my mom feel comfortable and safe, ever since she has been at Bellhaven she has returned to the nom I’ve known and loved my whole life. You’ve given me my mother back.  For that no survey could ever be sufficient. Thank you for being her home away from home.

– Elizabeth

Betty is so lucky to be care for in such a great place. Thank you so much.

– Cynthia

I appreciate the time that the social worker has spent with me on the phone. He was also gracious in setting up a phone assestment for me on very short notice. Thanks to all for all you do for my mother.

– Kathleen